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These are the Terms & Conditions upon which Contracting Office (Manager) offers lodging facilities (Properties) to customers, and they constitute a Contract with Guests. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the Bookings are non-cancelable and non-refundable.

MANAGER: Manager noted on the Booking Confirmation (Confirmation) or Booking Registration (Registration) enters into Bookings with Guests for Properties owned by third party property owners. Other offices are separately owned and not a party to this Agreement.

GUEST: Persons booking a property (guest or guests) warrants they are at least 25 years of age and that by phone, fax, email, online form or in person, they booked a property specified by a confirmation and/or a registration. Guests are advised of the terms of the booking at the time of purchase and on behalf of themselves and their Invitees, and agrees to abide by these Terms & Conditions, any addendums, and such other instructions, directions and rules as the manager specifies. A manager may communicate with guests by phone, fax, email, letter and in person and these terms govern guests’ current and future bookings unless otherwise later altered by a manager as posted on the property's website.

BOOKINGS: Guest may request bookings by phone, email, letter, in person, through online or conventional travel agents, or through a manager online quote or booking web forms. A manager may alter property configuration, amenities, rates and availability prior to confirming a booking, as they see fit and is not obligated to confirm bookings for dates or prices printed on websites, emails, letters, faxes or in phone calls which it later finds are in error. Managers reserve the right to refuse service.

ADVANCE LODGING RESERVATION: The Booking is an Advanced Lodging Reservation as governed by Visa/MasterCard Terms & Conditions. Barring problems beyond a manager's control, the property, or an equal or better substitute, will be provided to guests on the dates indicated. Guests agree the booking is non-cancelable and non-refundable unless, at guests later written request, the manager is able to sell guests dates according to the Cancellation Policy below.

PROPERTIES: A manager grants guest use of the property(s) and the guest accepts the property as-is and may not begin occupancy prior to the Start Date/Time and must vacate the property no later than the End Date/Time. Earlier or Later occupancy will result in additional charges as noted herein as Holdover. Property is defined as the specific dwelling area rented by guest and the surrounding real estate in which it stands such as surrounding grounds associated with the property, parking areas, (except areas locked off or marked off limits). If property is part of a resort, community, neighborhood or city facilities (Area) they are granted the right to access the dwelling area and obligated to observe these Terms & Conditions, and are not granted rights to utilize the public portions of that Area in accordance with the area terms, conditions & rules.

GUEST OBLIGATIONS: Guests and Invitees will abide by these Terms & Conditions, follow Resort and Home Owner Associations Rules, Property Rules and Instructions, as attached here, as posted at the property, as specified in a Welcome Book sometimes located in the property or as instructed verbally or in writing. In particular, guests:

  • Will vigorously enforce managers’ rules.
  • Will utilize the property only for family use and for no other purpose without the prior written approval of a manager.
  • Will remain on property during booking, and not conduct parties, host groups or conduct any gathering that increases occupancy to greater than stated in the confirmation.
  • Will properly use and operate the electrical, gas, heating, air condition, plumbing and other fixtures, appliances, furnishings and amenities.
  • Will not permit anything to be done about the premises which will interfere with the rights of managers, owners, resort management, law enforcement, neighbors, home owners or other guests. This also covers anyone who attempts to injure or annoy any of those listed above. Guests may not use or allow the premises to be used for any improper, immoral, unlawful or objectionable purpose, nor will they cause, maintain or permit any nuisance about the premises.
  • Will not post photos, videos or reviews of, or comments about, the property to websites, publications, reporting agencies, nor contact or discuss anything about this booking or the property with property owners or any other party without a manager's written approval.
  • Will not destroy, deface, impair or remove any part of the property, its equipment, furniture, furnishings, appliances or fixtures.
  • Will not make copies of keys or reveal key codes to any other person; nor sublet the property under any circumstances.
  • Will return all furniture, kitchen utensils, appliances, books, phones, equipment etc. to their original positions. Managers may assess the guest a fee equal to the total Booking Charges for each violation of this contract.
  • INVITEES: Unless otherwise agreed in writing, property is only for the use of the guest and their immediate or extended family members (Invitees) as specified in the Confirmation. Guests must disclose the number of adults and minors (under age 21) who will occupy the property and agree to inform Invitees of these Terms & Conditions and Manager Rules and is responsible for conformance to them. No one may occupy the property at any time, even as drop in guests, who are not registered invitees. A manager may not discuss this booking with Invitees. A guest grants the manager permission in perpetuity to republish theirs or an Invitee's verbal, written or published comments, photos or videos as they see fit.

    USE FEE: Guests will pay a Use Fee for the dates indicated. Should occupancy, at any time, exceed the number indicated in the confirmation, guests will pay an additional fee of at least $100 per day for each person over the indicated occupancy, for the entire booking. For exceeding the number of vehicles indicated in the confirmation, guests will pay an additional fee of at least $100 per vehicle per day (or part). Guests shall agree, upon demand from a manager, to provide a list of all people who were in the property during the guest's occupancy including person, names, addresses, phone numbers and auto license plate numbers and authorizes managers to communicate with such people.

    CLEANING: Managers will have properties cleaned after a guest's departure; or sooner if customarily done at the property, for which guests agree to pay the Cleaning Fee(s). Guests may request cleaning services for additional fees. Guests will keep the property clean and in good order during occupancy and to leave it in the same condition it was found upon arrival. Should the occupancy be for more than ten days, a manager may have the property cleaned each week or a portion thereof at a guest cost at the same cleaning price noted in the confirmation. Managers will charge guests for excess cleaning, defined as greater than usual and normal for number of Invitees.

    SECURITY & DAMAGE DEPOSIT: As security for all charges, managers may require a Security & Damage Deposit from a guest to be deposited into the manager's non-segregated bank accounts. The deposit will not bear interest and will be returned less any overages, to guests within approximately 45 days after a guest returns the keys (if any) and the Managers Guest Checklist.? Suspected Overages or other factors may delay deposit refunds until charges can be determined or damage repaired. Failure to return the checklist may also delay or forfeit the refund.

    DEPOSIT WAIVER: Guests may be offered the purchase of a non-refundable Deposit Waiver in lieu of paying a Security & Damage Deposit. If so, the manager will pay for up to $500 of unintentional damage caused by guests, provided :

  • Guests immediately report all damage by phone to a staff member at the Manager Central Reservations Office and prior to the check-out date and time;
  • Guests remain at the property until a manager arrives to undertake an inspection;
  • Guests request and receive a manager reference number to verify date and time of reporting;
  • That the damage is not a result of a guest or their Invitees violating Manager Rules, Notices or Instructions or any provision of these Terms & Conditions;
  • That a manager determines the damage was indeed unintentional.
  • Guests are still obligated to pay for excessive cleaning, damage that does not conform to the terms of this paragraph or unintentional damage greater than $500.
  • HOLD OVER: In the event that a guest enters the property before the Start Date & Time or remains in the property past the End Date & Time, the guest will pay for each day or partial day, an amount equal to the amount the manager pays to other guests resulting from a Guest's Hold Over, or double the daily rate, whichever is greater.

    TRAVEL INSURANCE: Bookings are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Guests are urged to purchase Vacation Rental Insurance to cover instances such as rental, taxes, airfare, related to its occupancy. If a guest purchases Vacation Rental Insurance from a manager, coverage is provided by CSA Insurance, their carriers and insurance agents (CSA) subject to the Description of Coverage document attached to the booking or available for review on the manager's or property’s website. CSA is solely responsible for the administration and determination of claims.

    PAYMENT: Guests will pay all charges indicated in the Confirmation, Registration and as incurred and according to these Terms & Conditions. Managers are authorized to charge a guest's card as indicated and for overages incurred. If paid by check, guests will make payments by the dates indicated and, if unpaid, a manager may charge payments to the guest's credit card. If a guest fails to pay by the deadlines, or their check or credit card is declined by its bank, a manager may offer dates to any third party without notice to guests; as provided in these Terms and Conditions. Guests will be charged $100 fee for returned checks, dishonored credit card charges and chargebacks.

    CREDIT CARDS: A guest will be warranted that their credit card (card) information is correct, that the card has sufficient available credit for all charges and any overages and that the card will not be cancelled or charges dishonored or disputed with the guest's credit card issuer. Should the guest's card expire or be terminated, the guest will provide the manager with the name, number, code and expiration date of a replacement card that can then be used as payment for guest charges.

    SUPPLIES: For hotel styled rooms, a manager supplies a reasonable amount of sundries such as paper towels, toilet paper and coffee filters. For cabins, condos and homes, the manager provides a supply of sundries sufficient for a single days use by guest and registered invitees. Guests will provide additional sundries greater than those noted above. Guests and Invitees are reminded to bring sunscreen, toiletries, food, soap, laundry detergent and other personal items.

    SERVICE ORDERS: Property may be distant from the manager’s office, staff and service personnel or vendors. Guests (but not Invitees) may request services or assistance and the manager will make a reasonable effort to respond during usual business hours and within the limitations of time, distance and expense as it deems reasonable. Guests must accept that managers may be unable to address issues during a guest occupancy and agrees to be self-reliant in dealing with immediate needs. A manager's inability to address requests during a guest occupancy will not be reason for reduction of the use or other fees. In the event a guest requests service for non-essential services and a manager is able to provide it, the guest will be charged for the staff and vendor time and materials incurred. Guests will not be charged for service orders necessary to provide essential services such as water, heat, sewer or electrical if the problem was not caused by said guest. Unless approved by a manager in writing and in advance, the manager will not reimburse guests for their expenditures.

    OVERAGES: A guest shall agree to pay for any and all charges they incurred or caused during their stay (Overages). Such charges may include, but are not limited to, a guest's unpaid resort charges or penalties, occupancy exceeding that stated in the Confirmation, extra disclosed and undisclosed occupants, service requests, occupancy hold over, damages, excess cleaning services, energy surcharges, replacement of keys or re-keying or resetting of locks or lock boxes, occupancy and/or sales taxes, long distance, fees for smoking, excess noise, or having unapproved pets in the Property or at the property, exceeding pet limits, missing items, or other violations of manager, resort, or Homeowner Association Terms & Conditions, rules, late charges, finance charges, chargeback costs, damages not covered by the deposit or damage waiver limit, etc. Handling charges are added to all such costs. If overages exceed the Security & Damage Deposit or Deposit Wavier limit, a manager may immediately charge a Guest's credit card or, at the manager's option, make a verbal or written demand to guests for payment of overages. In the event a manager is unable to accurately ascertain overages at the time they are discovered, managers are authorized to charge an approximate amount and later make adjustments to reflect the actual charges.

    CHECK-IN & CHECK-OUT: Arrival and Departure dates and times are noted on the Confirmation or Registration, Guest Instructions, posted in the property or at the property's website. Guests are obligated to telephone managers 24 hours in advance of scheduled arrival to confirm keys and access, then to check-in as instructed, complete Guest Checklist and immediately notify a manager in person or by phone of irregularities or problems. Guests must check-out as instructed and return the checklist to a manager in person or within 7 days by fax, mail or email attachment. Failure to return checklist may delay or forfeit deposit refund.

    EARLY & LATE: Guest requests for an early arrival or late departure, even if charged in advance, cannot be guaranteed. Instead, guests must telephone a manager 24 hours in advance to ask permission for the early arrival or late departure. If unavailable, guests will not be charged.

    ISSUES: During their occupancy, a guest agrees to immediately notify a manager by phone of any issues or problems with the property, or damage to the property or its contents, conflicts with other guests, resort, legal authorities or others, or violations of these Terms & Conditions. Failure to report issues will further subject guests to charges for repair or replacement and discharge Managers from any obligation to respond.

    DAMAGES: Property(s) contains artwork, furniture and fixtures, machinery and equipment and other assets. Guests will pay for any damages they or invitees cause including repairs, replacements, eviction, services calls, fines, assessments, cleaning, maintenance, customer service, accounting and other staff time at a manager's usual rates, costs plus taxes and handling and the loss of subsequent income during the repair period. Guests also agree to pay additional fees for violations of the Terms & Conditions, such as allowing unapproved pets in a property or on its property (minimum $500), exceeding stated pet limits, or smoking in the property, violation of Noise Rules (minimum $500), according to the Manager Rate Schedule, a copy of which is available to guests upon request.

    INSPECTION: Because the booking is for short term lodging, managers may enter the property, with or without notice at any time, for the purposes of inspection, maintenance, cleaning, rental or sale showings or for whatever other purpose that is deemed necessary. When entering, management staff will knock to announce themselves and allow occupants sufficient time to respond and accommodate entry.

    CONFIGURATION: Confirmation and Registrations are approximate configurations of the property. Beds come with linens, blankets and bedspreads. Sleepers may mean a sleeper sofa or a couch futon. Some beds may be bunks. Configuration may vary between booking date and arrival. There will be sleeping space for invitees, not necessarily for the maximum occupants. Guests shall accept the property as is and managers will not alter the property to accommodate guest's needs.

    AMENITIES: Use Fees are only for the occupancy of the property. For the pleasure of guests and without additional compensation, amenities may be provided such as hot tubs, pools, artwork, televisions, stereos, phones, faxes, internet access, sporting goods, toys, games, house and pool/beach towels, patio furniture, furniture, dishes/flatware/pans, etc. Amenities sometimes malfunction, become worn, are out for repair, are replaced or are removed by an owner or prior guests. A manager will endeavor to have these amenities functioning but can't guarantee availability at all times. Changes in décor, unavailability of amenities, inconveniences such as power outages, adverse road and/or weather conditions, acts of God, area construction, allergic reactions, will not be reason for reduction of the Use Fee nor cause the payment of damages to guests. Due to the complexity of Internet advertising which may replicate without a manager's approval, a manager takes no responsibility for such ads; guests are to rely on the manager's website only.

    LOST & FOUND: Properties do not have safes so guests must agree to not bring valuables. Managers do not accept responsibility for the loss of articles left at the property. Managers may hold found articles for a period of 30 days. Guest may contact Managers to identify and claim lost items. Identified articles will be shipped at the guest's cost. Articles unclaimed for 30 days will be discarded, donated to charity or sold as the manager sees fit, along with them retaining proceeds as a handling fee.

    PROPERTY EXPENSES: A guest is not liable for normal and usual utilities, maintenance or operating costs unless their usage is greater than normal and usual for the number of Invitees. Guests will follow the rules and instructions for the use of utilities and is responsible for repair costs or an energy surcharge that a manager may levy due to guest use. Should a property’s expenses be greater than normal, a manager may levy a guest charge sufficient to cover excess costs plus handling.

    CANCELLATION POLICY & LATE PAYMENT: Should a guest fail to pay as agreed, or requests a cancellation, Managers may sell a guest's dates to any third party. If a manager is able to re-sell guest's dates at net rates of at least equal to those charged to guests, managers will refund Guest Use Fee less a Re-Booking fee as specified by a manager. If less than all dates are sold, or dates are sold for lower rates, then credits will be issued only for those dates sold and at the lower rate received. No refund will be allowed if a manager is unable to re-sell guest's dates; and a guest remains obligated for payment in full. In the event the property becomes unavailable for use for any reason, a manager may cancel the booking and return guest payments, or may transfer guest bookings to a comparable or better property of a Manager's choosing.

    TERMINATION: Managers reserve the right to immediately terminate the booking and occupancy of guests and invitees without notice in the event that a manager believes the guest or invitees have done or intend to do any act that violates these Terms & Conditions, Manager rules, verbal or written instructions given to guests or notices posted at the property, or that is in violation of any applicable Federal, State or Local statute, or which is not in the good interest of the owner, manager or other manager guests, or which will be objectionable to neighbors, the home owners group, or resort management. If terminated, a manager may enter the property without notice and require guests and invitees to immediately vacate the property. Should guests fail to vacate, law enforcement officials may remove said guests & invitees. Guests will not be entitled to a refund for any payments if this agreement is terminated. The guest may not terminate the booking without the expressed written consent of a manager.

    INSURANCE: Property Owners are to maintain reasonable and usual Property and Casualty Insurance on the premises but not theft insurance. The guest hereby agrees and relieves the managers and owners and waives their entire right of recovery against the managers and owners for loss, inconvenience, damage, injury, disability or death arising out of or incident to the perils described in standard fire insurance policies approved for the use in state where the property is located, whether due to the negligence of owners, managers and their agents, employees or otherwise. Guests agree to maintain personal homeowner or renter insurance that covers managers and owners in the event of damage, destruction or liability caused by guest actions whether intentional or not; and will provide the Carrier’s name to a manager upon request. In no case will a manager or owner be responsible for loss of use, inconvenience, damage, injury, disability or death of a guest resulting from the guest's use of the property or damages or events beyond the control of a manager and owner.

    ENTIRE AGREEMENT: Confirmation, Registration and these Terms & Conditions, along with any Addendums, constitute the final and complete understanding between the parties and no other representations or promises, verbal or otherwise, have been made. A guest authorizes managers to check conduct, credit, criminal and court records prior to and after granting occupancy and authorizes managers to report guests. Compliance with this agreement to its staff, network offices, third parties and reporting organizations as it sees fit. The Terms & Conditions supersede all previous agreements between the parties. A manager may make modifications to the Terms & Conditions at any time by notice to guests or by posting to the property's website. Failure to enforce any of the Terms & Conditions, Confirmation, Resort, Association or Managers Rules or subsequent agreement between the parties, will not be construed as a waiver of other provisions. If any portion of such documents or subsequent agreements is determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforced, all other conditions will remain in full force and effect.

    LITIGATION: The booking and this document will be governed in accordance with the laws of King County Washington State. Disputes are to be submitted to courts there, or at a manager's option, in the county & state where the Contracting Office is located. Any claim will be settled by action in a court of law where the Contracting Office is located. In the case of litigation, or past due billings, guests will pay owners and managers staff time charges for collection letters, faxes, emails, phone calls, meetings and court time, late charges, damages, manager staff collection time, reasonable attorney fees, pre and post judgment Interest at twelve percent (12%) per annum, attendant court and other costs and expenses.

    Revised 11/31/17. Form 11185 copyright Istay 201711211355