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Paul Allen

Title: Vice President
Careof: AAA Audio Labs
Address: PO Box 23039 Seattle, WA 98122 Canada
Work Phone: 888-628-8989
Fax: 888-628-0839
Web: SunspotVacationRentals.com

Paul is the Sunspots Director of Corporate Growth. With a Bachelor of Science Degree from California State University, Paul has spent his entire life in deal making and entrepreneurship having started, operated and franchised a number of companies. Along with those activities he has acted as Business Broker for the sale of numerous companies and a principal in many. Business valuation has been a specialty of his.

Although based in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, Paul has great experience in the U.S. market as well. He is charged with developing and growing our list of offices first around North America and then on to the world. He has launched and successfully

In addition to all that hard work Paul is an accomplished public speaker, schooled negotiator and has served on the boards of a dozen industry, government, charitable and business boards and also served as an officer in many of them.