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Welcome to the New Beachy Day

By Sharon Simmons
Published: 10/20/11 Topics: Comments: 0

To all our old friends and clients thanks for your patience. To all our new friends and clients Welcome to the new BeachyDay Website and operations.

BeachyDay.comis a Vacation Rental management company that has been serving the Westport, Grayland and Tokeland areas on the cost of Washington State for many years.

On October 15th BeachyDay merged with the Vortex Organization becoming a member of the Sunspot Vacation Rental Managers network. That means our staff has increased 10 fold, our advertising has increased massively and we now have more experts and more investment helping owners increase inquiries and bookings.

"I am very happy to have the Beachy Day group join the organization," said William May President of Vortex. "They have done a great job at maintaining and serving clients and we are lucky to have them involved."

BeachyDay staff are enrolled to complete the intensive Certified Vacation Rental Professional training. All Vortex partners are required to take and complete this training and be warded the industry leading CVRP designation. It helps everyone do more and know more about the industry.

"Having grown up in the Grays Harbor and Willapa harbor areas, this is a real joy for me to come home to help out, " said May.

Vortex, headquartered in Seattle, Washington currently has about a dozen partner members in Washington State, Oregon, Idaho, Hawaii and even Puerto Rico. These are professional managers banding together to offer more services, longer hours, sophisticated websites, fast and efficient back office software, experts in advertising and accounting and a solid movement toward ever increasing value for our property owner clients. Prospective partners can learn more at www.VortexMethod.com.

"I have known about the Vortex for sometime and the services they offer managers, owners and guests. This was the perfect time to gain all the help they have to offer, "Said Sharon Simmons, Beachy Day manager.

For guests, (the Vortex Organization) operates under several brand names. Goldener is the name of Inns and Resorts (www.Goldener.com) and Sunspots is the name under which guest scan find private cabins, condos, homes and villas of Vortex partners. (www.SunspotResorts.com.)

"We had already been achieving the high standards that the Organization requires and we are looking forward to attending the Vortex seminars and industry training to find additional improvements we can make for guests and owners, " Says Simmons.

Property owners will enjoy some new perks. The Vortex online booking system attracts more guests but it also offers owners the ability to block and unblock dates, look up past property statements and learn a great deal about how their property is being managed.

"In every market they have gone into, these services have increased revenue and decreased work for property owners." I know it will do the same here.

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Property owners who want to increase income and profit can call William May at 360-267-3234 extension 902. Or email Info@BeachyDay.com.

Author: Sharon Simmons – Property Manager, Sunspot Vacation Rentals
Blog #: 0192 – 10/20/11

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